Some of the Attacks On the Environment by Corporations, #45 and the Grand Oligarch Party

We seldom hear of what is being done to protect the environment. Most of the time we don’t even hear about what is happening to continue to rape and pillage it, usually in the name of short term financial profits. The link below provides one list of actions aimed at protecting the environment. They are all actions where the Center for Biological Diversity is resisting corporations, #45 and the Grand Oligarch Party. In each case other organizations have joined the fight.  At the time of this post there were 33 examples, but it continues to increase. Just reading the individual titles is enough to offend (me at least). What is most amazing is that, (I assume) 95% of Americans have never heard of most, if not all, of these. Like usual, it goes on behind closed doors, the media has been taught to ignore and we only hear about them after the fact, when it is too late and almost impossible to reverse.

Thirty-three Center Suits Filed Against Trump Since His Administration’s Inception

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