Some Will Survive The Trump Presidency While Others Pay Dearly

Too many of my friends are just “too positive”, “too pragmatic”, “too optimistic” about what the Trump presidency may mean. Some suggest Trump may make the Democrats and progressives stronger after so much of what Trump promised goes the other way and people begin to wake up. What this logic fails to consider or focus on is who pays for that learning experience and how do they pay? For many the results may produce: financial disaster, family disaster, incarcerations, persecution, lack of access to healthcare, lack of access to education and many other overwhelming consequences. Those who suggest Trump may make the left stronger probably feel relatively safe, but history shows us that during each of our recent administrations “real people” have paid dearly for the actions and inaction’s of each administration. Not coincidentally, the safe are probably also those who will benefit most.

The article below, found on, by Kali Holloway, forces the reader to open their eyes to the fact that political actions have a cost and “some real human beings” will be paying an often devastating price in one or more ways. Too often our attention is diverted to see only a desired outcome, reinforcing the popular story line. We must remember it’s not a good time for “folks who stand to lose the most in the coming years — whose erasure, exclusion or expulsion were voted for by people eager to make this country exclusively theirs again … (and) assurances that ‘we will survive’ refer to a privileged and limited ‘we’.” The numbers and variety of groups and policies that may be under attack are, this time, are overwhelming. While previous administrations often had negative / destructive effects on on one group or issue, this administrations proposes a full scale attack across the board such as we have not ever seen in America. We must remember, whether or not we experience it first hand, real people and families will be paying extreme costs, because of this extreme experiment we have chosen to unleash.

Read all of Halloway’s article to really feel the pain that may be felt if things go as planned.

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