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I believe, "Corporate Personhood" is the single most destructive concept infecting the ability of  the American Democracy (any democracy) to function for its "human" citizens. It affects every political effort by human beings: justice, economic and social equality, environment, food, water and is a major culprit in social unrest and conflict worldwide. The list goes on and on, but, basically every battle that people, anywhere, fight for eventually runs into a major blockade, the rights and power of multi-national corporations.  

Below are some interesting historical milestones related to the quest by the wealthy and powerful to constantly increase and solidify that power through the legal fiction of corporate personhood.

East India Trading Company

One of the America's opponents during the Revolutionary War was the first real multi-national corporation the "East India Trading Company"

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Corporations & Social Value

For the 1st 100 years or so after American independence a corporation could only exist if it was able to prove some form of social value.  States often disbanned corporations that failed this test.

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Slavery / Corporations

  • Slavery is the legal fiction that a Person is Property.
  • Corporate Personhood is the legal fiction that Property is a Person.

    Fiction becoming non-fiction

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Corporate Personhood History

Most of the American history cronicles the continued effort by the wealthy to implement the fiction that corporations are people and should have the same constitutional rights. Decisions by the Supreme Court have gradually and increasingly enabled this fiction. A timeline of major court decisions can help.

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Dred Scott Decision

Dred Scott v. Sanford [1857] Supreme Court decides that slaves are property and Congress cannot deprive citizens of their property. Slaves are “not citizens of any state” and “have no rights a court must respect.” This decision is the functional opposite of Somersett’s Case.

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Corporation Tools

Today, in stealth, through organizations such as ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), corporations work 24/7 writing laws and limiting regulations in order to maximizing corporate profits with little concern much less liability for consequences to humans, environment and biological systems.  This corporate model is spreading around the world like a silent plague.

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We need to amend the constitution stating that "Corporations Are Not People"

The organization Move to Amend has Proposed the 28th Amendment to the Constitution.

House Joint Resolution 48 introduced April 29, 2015

We The People Amendment