To Resist We Must Know History, Follow the Money, Say No and More

During an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Naomi Klein re-explains the role of shocks as political tools to be used to ensure the intent of the wealthy and powerful. Shocks have many forms (wars, economic catastrophe, natural disasters, etc.), but what they have in common is that after the shock there is inevitably a recurring theme by “right winged governments.” That is that “After a shocking event … (they will immediately) exploit the public’s disorientation … suspend democracy … push through radical policies that enrich the 1% at the expense of the poor and middle class.” With #45 in charge it definitely seems that this is already happening, but Klein emphasizes that “in all likelihood the worst is yet to come, and we better be ready.” Klein stresses that “these tactics can be resisted” … and to help us more effectively resist she provides us with a “5 step plan”

Shocks are happening and yes there are “daily scandals … but there are very savvy people surrounding #45 that are using the daily shocks as cover to advance wildly pro-corporate policies that bear little resemblance to what #45 pledged on the campaign trail.” Klein goes on giving several explicit examples and then hits a home run saying “And the worst part – this is likely just the warm up.” She emphasizes that “We need to focus on what this administration will do when it has a major external shock to exploit … any crisis could redraw the political map overnight … allowing #45 and his crew free rein to ram through their most extreme ideas.”

Klein’s plan goes into more detail and her talk with Goodman adds to the narrative, but watch the video for that. Meanwhile, here are the 5 main points of her plan:

  1. Know what’s coming,
  2. Get out of your home and defy bans,
  3. Know your history,
  4. Always follow the money,
  5. Advance a bold counter-plan.

Klein’s video is right on target and her newest book is “No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need.” Of course it helps if you have read some her previous books such as The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything among others. Additionally, Amy Goodman continues, Part 2 of her interview with Klein and touches on even more.

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