Science suggests Antarctica’s sleeping ice giant could be waking soon

Our political game is not the only thing that steadily moves along. No, while right wing efforts to ignore any scientific support for the dangers of man made or influenced climate change dominate American political discussion (or rather the lack of such discussions) the actual facts on climate change steadily though quietly provide us a very different story. “Alternate Facts” not withstanding, the world of the real scientist continues to provide facts, concern, warnings and actual news, though it is becoming increasingly difficult to find today.

The article below by Pakalolo, found in The Daily Kos, provides a political wormhole into some actual science on climate change as it relates to Antarctica’s rapidly increasing ice melts. This area is receiving more and more research suggesting this “sleeping ice giant could be waking soon”. For some perspective on the size of what we are talking about here Jane Qiu says “the E Antarctic region is about as big as the entire United States and the majority of it is an ice cap sitting on a high plateau 2 ½ miles above the ocean surface”.  This is not a little story of a few glaciers that might cause a slight ocean rise in a worst case scenario. The East Antarctica shelves are “like the West Antarctic ice shelves that buttress their glaciers, the East Antarctica shelves are also melting from beneath due to warm ocean temperatures. The warm water is gnawing at the ice forming channels which may some day weaken the shelf from the inside out.”

We have to realize, these hidden stories of caution and alarm are what we must listen and react to, not the propaganda pushed by corporate media and right wing short term profit seekers. Please read the whole article below and watch the short video. Find other articles, educating the way you think, act and vote. Maybe you can even influence others as well.

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