Naomi Klein Interview on ‘Capitalism Vs. The Climate’

If you don’t know who Naomi Klein is then you should definitely listen to this. The 2nd part of this NPR radio interview, “On Point with Tom Ashbrook”, airs a great interview with Naomi Klein related to the release of her new book, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate“.  Naomi boldly pushes the point that capitalism, as it exists, can’t make the changes that are needed to avoid the devastating affects that Climate Change predicts.   We simply do not have the time.  She beautifully defends her premise and I must admit I think she is right on.  The only thing she leaves out is the prerequisite for an amendment eliminating Corporate Personhood (see MoveToAmend).

I have read her book and it is a must read for any understanding of Climate Change and the political obstructions it faces.

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